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Global Sky Education staff


To your strengths


Why Join Global Sky?

At Global Sky, our people are what make us a success. It's their experience, creativity and diversity that makes delivering enriching educational programs possible. Joining Global Sky means that you will be part of growing community of passionate educators who love what they do. As part of an international group, you will have access to a range of support tools, professional development opportunities and generous salary or above award wages.


Our workplaces are environments where engaged educators support each other and have plenty of fun along the way. Not only this, but you'll also receive support from our friendly leadership team with dedicated managers in Education, People Experience and Operations. We believe in an effective work/life balance and ensure the highest respect for our people and their development. 

Our Roles

Our Centre Managers are pivotal in the success of our Centres and the learning outcomes of children that we educate and care for. They are business managers who have the knowledge and experience in people management, marketing, finance, early learning education and care.

Our Educators are at the heart of everything we do and their meaningful work has an impact that lasts a lifetime. Their role in the communities in which we operate ensures that children receive outstanding care and education, which nurtures and nourishes and realises the potential within each child. With their friendly, warm and solution focused attitude, their high quality approach to early learning ensures the best possible educational outcomes for the children we care for. 

Our Early Childhood Teachers are highly skilled and university trained. Their individual creativity and passion for early learning allows them to design the most innovative programs to support children's learning and development with additional focus on their transition to formal schooling. 

For services providing meals - our Centre Chefs create a range of nutritious, well-balanced and healthy menus for the children, including catering to dietary needs where applicable. They do this with a variety of seasonal selections of ingredients and multinational meal ideas in mind.